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Get Apps and Software working Together

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Depending on the business you are in, and how you chose to manage your finances, you may have problems getting your apps and accounting software to work together.

Apps can be a necessity for your business, or simply a way that should make it easier to organise and run your finances, but when they do not play well together they can make a terrible mess.

At Probookkeeper we use Xero accounting software, and this choice was made after careful consideration. Not only do we feel it does what it should, better than its competitors, it integrates well with hundreds of apps, so whatever your business needs there is sure to be something that fits the bill perfectly. It only needs integrated with your software. Xero has a dedicated ‘add-on marketplace’ where all the tools needed to successfully, and easily, run a business can be added to the software.  Here is an example of two apps an industry professional recommends; Point-of-sale (Vend), staff management (Deputy) and obviously the accounting app  Xero. These apps communicate well together, so when you add information to one of them, it is automatically added to the others. This can provide all the information you need to successfully run your business in one place.

It is not simply a matter of putting information into an app, but it is  important that the data from your apps goes into your software in a logical way, otherwise your financial projections will be wrong.

Not every business has the same needs, and the examples above are only that, examples. There are a host more apps to choose from to grow your business and know exactly what your financial situation is.

If you are struggling to get all the components working together, we at Probookkeeper can help you. Our professional and experienced staff can set things straight for you in no time, and leave your software set up to automatically do most actions you will need. Basically we can set up so you can use your software and apps any way you wish, with everything seamlessly working together, and your books balancing nicely. This gives you an accurate idea of how business is going and leaves you to do your own accounting, but with everything in place to make your life easier. Alternatively we can run your software for you, so you have nothing to do.

How much you do yourself depends only on your desire and knowledge.

Just remember if you use apps with your software you need to double check the sums to be sure everything is working the way it should. It is easier if you find any hiccups immediately and only have to sort out one week’s tangle, rather than a month’s, so do not leave it too long before checking.

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